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D. Marlock

Sterling International Speakers Bureau

About Dennis Marlock

In January 2000, Detective Lieutenant Dennis Marlock completed a 31-year career with the Milwaukee Police Department. Following his retirement he worked as a Deputy Marshal with the Marshals Service for 4 1/2 years. Dennis now serves as a Police Special Services Investigator with the Milwaukee Police Department. He graduated summa cum laude from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in management and criminal justice operations. Dennis is the author of three books, License To Steal, Gypsy Talk and his latest book, How To Become A Professional Con Artist. In addition to his books, Dennis has written numerous articles for various police and news organizations, including the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletins and Fast Company magazine.

His topics include:

Operation S.C.A.M.S: An easy to implement and very effective fraud prevention program.

Gypsy & Other Transient Criminal Group Activities

Confidence Crime Identification and Prevention

Working With Older Adult Crime Victims

Lieutenant Marlock is the co-founder of the Professionals Against Confidence Crime (PACC), an international law enforcement organization that has served law enforcement and the general pubic since 1987 during their efforts to combat fraud.

Lieutenant Marlock is a certified course instructor for:

The National Institute of Justice
Marquette University
Concordia University
The Police Foundation
The University of Wisconsin
Office of the Wisconsin Attorney General
Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations
Professionals Against Confidence Crime
Illinois Law and Justice Commission
Lakeshore Technical College
Milwaukee Police Department
Illinois State Police

Lieutenant Marlock (ret) has conducted numerous workshops and has spoken on a wide assorted of law enforcement related topics. He comes well-recommended by meeting planners across the country. He has appeared as a guest expert on a variety of fraud related topics on the Rob Nelson Show, Court TV, The Ananda Lewis Show, Geraldo Rivera Show, Milt Rosenberg radio program, CNN and many other programs throughout the United States and abroad. Dennis continues to serve as a national news resource person on fraud related topics.

Example of media coverage links:




To book Lt. Marlock, check on his availability,
or for additional information, contact us directly at:

Sterling International Speakers Bureau
611 North Elmhurst Road - Suite 226
Prospect Heights IL 60070 USA
(Phone) 847.577.5000
(Fax) 847.577.5005

Sterling International Speakers Web Site

Lt. Marlock is also available for LEGAL CASE CONSULTATION and EXPERT WITNESS services for civil and criminal cases involving frauds, confidence crimes, and transient criminal group offenses. Contact Ed Madden of Sterling International for additional information.