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Box of Rocks Scam

Rocks-In-A-Box Scam

VICTIMS: Mostly males. This scam can be run by one or more suspects.

PLAYERS: Mostly white males.

CONTACT: Victim is approached and offered a bargain on a new VCR, microwave oven, or other such merchandise. The con claims that he works for a trucking firm or retailer. He then displays what appears to be new merchandise packaged in its original box. All of these boxes are sealed in plastic and contain a picture of the item said to be in the box.

STING: Once they obtain the victim's money he is given the product. When returning home and opening the box he discovers nothing but rocks. End of scam.

NOTE: The average loss per offense is $200.00. A variation of this scam is known as the Block Hustle. The con leads the victim to believe that the items being sold are stolen; which is why he can sell the "hot merchandise" at giveaway prices.

Given the popularity of this particular scam, there appears to be no shortage of honest, law-abiding citizens willing to put their morals on hold if it involves a Good Deal.


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